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Cheetah Dispatch

Our Cheetah Dispatch Software is a Dynamic, Comprehensive, Intelligent Route Optimized Pickup and Delivery System. All of our Drivers are equipped with a Satellite Tracked handheld Tablet, continuing our extensive efforts to eliminate unnecessary paper and “Go Green Philospohy.” Cheetah also ensures that Pickups and Deliveries are made timely as each is Automatically Downloaded into the Driver's Tablet, providing Real-Time, GPS-enabled visibility and instant Proof of Delivery.

Dock Management System (DMS)

Our revolutionary Dock Management System truly sets the Standard For The Industry. Recently reviewed in Transport Topics, our DMS system utilizes each shipment’s unique bar code, driven by the destination zip code. Unlike our competitors, our proprietary DMS system is Completely Paperless and ensures your Freight moves expeditiously to the destination and is routed accurately minimizing delays, claims and errors.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Our Warehouse Management System provides complete visibility of your inventory from the point we receive the product, throughout the time it is Warehoused until it is delivered. In coordination with our complete Fulfillment and Pick & Pack Services, we offer Electronic Inventories with exact locations of each item. When your shipment is released, it flows without incident through the DMS system, providing complete Web Tracking of your merchandise through delivery.

Web Services

The Custom Companies Inc. has been at the forefront of Technology in the Transportation Industry for nearly three decades. We pride ourselves on the fact that our website was designed entirely from the needs and feedback from Our Valued Customers. Our Customer Created Web-Based Technologies provide our Customers with State Of The Art Real Time Information on every shipment in our system. We continue to upgrade the user function and feel in a never ending quest for Continuous Improvement. Some of the key features include effortless Quoting, Pickup Request and Bill of Lading request; Real Time Tracking and Tracing; Robust Accounting; Detailed Customized Online Reporting that can be scheduled to be sent Daily, Weekly or Monthly; and My Analytics which include Comprehensive Detail of Shipments by Destination, Customer and any Time Period requested. Included in this are complete XML capabilities and real time document viewing and download of Bill of Ladings, Proof of Deliveries (POD’s) and Invoices with our state of the art imaging system.


The Custom Companies offers Full EDI Services and have developed their EDI module according to ATA ASC X12. Although we (and your partners) rely heavily on the version 4010 documents, we also support many other versions (ex. M2/7, M2/8, 3020, 3040, 3050, 3070, 4020, 4030, 4060).

We have the ability to process any EDI file, with our Most Popular Transaction sets including 204, 210, 211, 213, 214, 820, 990, and 997.

Our Flexible EDI system allows you to be set up as a partner and begin exchanging EDI documents within minutes. All transaction sets are individually mapped according to your unique specifications and are completely customizable.

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